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Tracy is Urban/Environmental Planner with over 20 years work experience in the development industry. Tracy has worked in site acquisition, due diligence/feasibility, preparation of Planning Approval documents, (Statement of Environmental Effects, Reference of Environmental Factors and Development Applications), and project management of the approval process.

In addition she has worked in Post Approvals, that is Review of Consent Conditions and implementation of such to ensure that a project is buildable and financially viable. Project Management skills include the appointment and management of sub consultants, client liaison, budgets and invoicing for projects. 

Tracy considers herself to be a proactive policy manager - raising new policies issues in a timely manner, that impacts on the company’s ability to deliver to the market.  Constantly managing projects from a commercial and business perspective and adopting a more entrepreneurial approach. All projects occur within a strategic planning framework and it is this understanding that sets the context for success.

She is a member of the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) and regularly lectures at Tertiary Institutions across Sydney.