CLARITY Our experienced team of professionals includes experts in property, engineering, design, business and finance.

We cut through the noise to understand the real needs of our clients and projects to deliver superior outcomes.


We work closely with our clients as a ‘delivery partner’, using our expertise to help them achieve business and project objectives.  

Using our unique and collaborative Integrated Project Delivery Model, we identify the needs of a project and discuss the best way to leverage our services. 

Our Directors are all experienced in the delivery of large scale industrial, commercial and related infrastructure projects, each with unique skills that can be applied during particular phases of the development cycle. 


Our services can be accessed on a stand-alone basis, or as a complete end-to-end solution. This includes:


Every property, land or building is unique. Our involvement with our clients from inception provides the greatest opportunity to positively influence a developments' overall commercial success. 

We utilise our existing networks and 'on-ground' research to create unique development outcomes, enabling us to get complex projects off the ground where others cannot.

Our services include: 

  • Development origination 
  • Development management 
  • Property portfolio and distressed asset workouts 
  • Due diligence, opportunity and risk assessment 
  • Financial feasibility modelling 
  • Highest and best use analysis 
  • Procurement and contracting strategies 
  • Business case development/strategic investment support
  • Business case co-ordination and project management
  • Strategic facilities planning/capital works programming 
  • Sales and leasing management 
  • IC/EC and Board reporting


We approach the critical function of masterplanning not as a design activity, but as a development imperative.  

We start by identifying our clients' objectives and overall vision and develop a planning framework that supports flexibility and market longevity. 

We challenge the status quo of planning from 'the centre out', as conventional thinking can stifle development staging, market responsiveness, and work-around strategies that may arise from approvals processes, lead-in infrastructure, or unforeseen commercial opportunities.  

Our services include: 

  • Structure planning and lot yield analysis 
  • Broad scale development highest and best use options 
  • Estate master planning and concept design management 
  • Infrastructure planning, development staging and sequencing 
  • Lead design consultancy and technical design management services 
  • Capital cost structuring and budgeting forecasts 
  • Early stakeholder and authority engagement 


We have an extensive track record working with all tiers of government, authorities, lobbyists and the private sector. We navigate the approvals process in a coordinated and collaborative manner to achieve optimal and timely results. 

Our experience in the latter stages of project delivery enables us to identify and mitigate risks in the approvals process, providing greater flexibility and minimising the extent of any potential modifications.  

Our services include: 

  • Statutory approvals and stakeholder engagement planning 
  • Management, coordination and preparation of all applications and approvals documentation, consultant planners, designers and technical specialists 
  • Strategic and technical review of all assessment documentation 
  • Management, liaison and negotiation of all approvals processes 
  • Planning risk and opportunity reviews 
  • Engagement and consultation with Government, external stakeholder/authority, special interest and community groups 
  • Lobbying and 'channelling' where appropriate to fast-track decision and approval processes 


We understand the commercial imperatives of ensuring effective project management principles (time, cost, quality) are delivered for our clients' developments, as we have done it ourselves. 

We have extensive experience managing complex, multi-discipline programs of work and technically challenging individual packages and projects. We are proactive and engaging lead managers who seek to drive progress, identify opportunities, mitigate risks and exceed expectations.

Our services include: 

  • Program and project management (delivery to scope, budget and time) 
  • Establish and maintain project controls and PMO functions 
  • Proactive risk management (from identification through to mitigation and close out) 
  • Project scheduling/planning  
  • Project cost control 
  • Contract administration, superintendent's representative and principal's representative functions 
  • Stakeholder liaison and management 
  • Distressed project workouts 
  • Project management audits and reviews 


Our depth of experience across market sectors, building typologies and project delivery and procurement strategies is extensive. Our clients trust us to ensure their developments are delivered by the right contractors, under the right model, and with a tight contractual scope.  

Our services include: 

  • Development of procurement and delivery strategies 
  • Contract preparation 
  • Tender development and tenderer selection 
  • Development and management of project tender packages 
  • Tender assessment and recommendation 
  • Contract negotiation and award 
  • Review of contractor programs, staging and methodologies 
  • Procurement risks and issues mitigation and reporting 


Early consideration of this phase of a project is critical to avoid potentially costly complications upon completion. Once 'an end use' for a facility is confirmed, we look to commence consultation as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth delivery phase and clean handover can occur. 

Our services include: 

  • Coordination of testing and commissioning and transfer to operational entities 
  • Tenancy coordination and engagement from pre-settlement to operations 
  • Occupation certificate inspections and technical certification coordination 
  • Defects inspections, rectification, close out and ongoing management throughout the defects liability period 
  • Operational manuals and specialist training sessions for the end user 
  • Establishment of service agreements for ongoing operational and facilities management 
  • Tactical 'Full Circle' Project Performance Review